Class 4/5 Softswitch

Real-time billing Fraud protection
Lose call protection Unlimited channels  WebRTC

Best billing solution with lots of
feature with no limitations

Active Calls Monitoring Call Queue
DID management Least Cost Routing
Virtual PBX


HyperBilling is the perfect VoIP billing  solution for your business. We offer class 4 and 5 softswitch with real time billing which is ideal for both small and large businesses as well as retailers and wholesale VoIP providers.

Our Most Successful Clients

"I have used A2Billing for several years, after many years and growth in Business i needed high calls capacity and similarity with A2Billing, The asterisk barrier of small call capacity is now lifted for me , Hyperbilling offers very high capacity of concurrent calls and it has great search and Batch update tools which made things very easier, Hyperbilling brought me a great billing system, Thank you Hyperbilling team!"

− Enrique Cerrato

"I found Hyperbilling project very interesting and usefull, we used to use many billing solutions, since there are very few real billing systems for wholesale VoIP, Hyperbilling together with FreeSwitch is ideal for me, i am terminating few million minutes a month with 0% problems, team work and response from help at Hyperbilling is amazing, very happy and wish you all the best Hyperbilling."

− Daniel Tudor

"Their service and technical knowledge is great. Hyperbilling manager is always on hand to answer any questions I have and help with the logistics of using handsets abroad. I can’t fault their professionalism and helpfulness in not only giving the best advice but also going above and beyond to provide the best service possible at all times."

− Dace Brazus