HyperBilling is your one-stop solution to all your VoIP requirements. We provide comprehensive and innovative carrier grade solutions using the most advanced tools and systems. Being a reputable name in the industry, HyperBilling ensures reliable and cost-effective solutions that can help your VoIP business grow by leaps and bounds. Our wide array of solutions includes the following:

Class 4 Softswitch Solution:

If you are a wholesale carrier dealing in large volumes of data routing, then a Class 4 Softswitch is what you need to interconnect your VoIP servers. Not only does a Class 4 Softswitch allows intelligent call routing, but also reduces congestion of traffic, filter information by any parameters, generate reports and cost effective.

Class 5 Softswitch Solution:

For the retail VoIP businesses that deal in end-user clients such as residential customers, a Class 5 Softswitch is required for effective VoIP data routing. Our Class 5 Softswitch provides comprehensive network management solution for VoIP companies on a single platform. It allows entrepreneurs to build scalable and trustworthy VoIP networks for all sizes of data networks. It is also relevant for call operators who are searching for an easy to implement Residential VoIP Service Platform.

Call Center Solution:

The HyperBilling Call Center solution is a blend of features from both Hosted VoIP platform as well as Agent/Supervisor client applications. It allows a multi-feature call center solution that may be implemented by wholesale carriers and retailers in numerous ways. Built with the interactive voice response (IVR) system, our Call Center solution lets you effectively manage large volumes of call traffic. Some of its key benefits include Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Automatic Call Attendant, On-hold music, enhanced call queuing and call recording solution.

PHP Development:

Building upon years of experience and expertise, HyperBilling also offers professional PHP development services to its clients on a global scale. We host a team of highly skilled developers and programmers who are proficient in web application development, scripting, Content Management System (CMS), flash integration, product mapping and general consulting. Our PHP services also include migration and porting of websites from one platform to another. So whether you want to develop an e-commerce portal or establish a SaaS business, HyperBilling is the place to contact.

IOS/Android Development:

In today’s technologically advanced world, having a mobile app for your business is essential. HyperBilling and its team of expert mobile app developers can enable you in developing a customized mobile based application on various platforms. We excel in development of both android based apps as well as for iOS apps with a special focus on HTML5 solutions. We create mobile apps that are highly responsive, user-friendly and effective. We also provide customized mobile application development services for firms who want their websites to be accessible to mobile users as well.

SEO Services:

Imagine people are searching for VoIP solutions but they never find your website in the search results. All your efforts of setting up a website to attract clients will go to waste. This is because all listings in the search results are indexed by search engine spider which requires proper and strong on-page and off-page optimization of your website. That is why you require professional SEO services that will enable your website to come in the top ranks of the SERP (Search Engine Result Page). We provide comprehensive SEO packages that boost your website ratings using organic techniques.

WordPress Development:

An important and integral part of online marketing and business is to have a content management system that lets you regularly update informative content to the target audience and stay in the game. WordPress is one of the most popular and effective CMS platform that enables website / blog designing with customized and user-friendly interface. We have a dedicated team of WordPress developers who are skilled in WordPress web development, open-source CMS development, installation/configuration of WordPress, migration and porting, support & maintenance, WordPress theme, plug-in development and template design.