HyperBilling is your ideal solution to Class 4/5 Softswitch system with automated billing and intelligent routing solution. Our product caters wholesale VoIP carries, retailers, Calling Cards providers and end clients. Using HyperBilling, your business will become efficient enough to handle unlimited concurrent calls, implement multiple rate plans in a single tariff and support prefix based dialing.
Moreover, HyperBilling Softswitch has other important attributes such as real-time billing, WebRTC, real-time reporting and monitoring, superior multi-tier security and flexible VoIP architecture. Owning to these characteristics, HyperBilling is the ideal platform for all the wholesale VoIP businesses as well as retailers providers. Below are some of the sparkling features.

User Customization:

Our product allows you to customize all users on the VoIP network all will. You can add, modify or delete users with ease.

Multiple Service Type:

HyperBilling provides solutions for both prepaid and postpaid VoIP billing services that you can implement.

Branding Support:

We also offer our expertise in development of your company logo, name and overall branding.

Multiple Currency Support:

Our VoIP billing system supports the use of multiple currencies for billing clients. You can choose between international currencies such as Dollar, Euro, and Pound.

SIP/IP based authentication:

With our advanced software, you can implement Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based authentication that allows you to control multimedia communication sessions.

Reseller Support:

You don’t require expertise in VoIP to run a business of our own. HyperBilling provides VoIP reseller support which allows you to make considerable income by operating at a retail level. Using our tools and expertise, you can setup a VoIP business, which is fast growing, and then market them to end users at a sizable profit.

Advance DID management:

Our product comes with a Direct Inward Dial (DID) feature that permits individual extension or PSTN users on a PBX to be directly reached with VoIP phones.

Invoice Support:

You also get a free invoice support of your VoIP billing system. It can be implemented as a passive VoIP Billing system that collects call rates, applicable taxes and bills invoice accordingly.

Check Balance History:

With our Softswitch product, you can stay up-to-date with the balance of your VoIP at all times.
 Statistical Analysis:

HyperBilling software also allows you to perform a statistical analysis of data such as profit statistics, country statistic, user statistics etc.

Web-based freeswitch management:

We also provide our clients with a web portal from where they can easily manage their business. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to administer various tasks with one click.

Concurrent Calls:

You can handle/manage multiple calls concurrently meaning several people can use the phone at one time.

Detail CDR Report:

With Hyperbilling Softswitch solution you can perform a comprehensive Call Detail Record (CDR) analysis. Using advanced recording/capturing tools, we let you keep track of all call traffic on your VoIP network.

Advance Routing Management:

HyperBilling product offers intelligent routing between VoIP networks with flexibility and scalability. Our Softswitch solution allows implementation of a variety of routing systems some of which comprise of Time-based Routing, Loss Less Routing, Quality-based Routing, Priority Routing and others.