HyperBilling Softswitch comes fully equipped with add-on functionality that facilitates you in initiating and running any type of VoIP business model. HyperBilling coupled with one of the add-ons is a comprehensive solution that requires no additional equipment setup on your business premises to manage your VoIP network.
Based on your VoIP requirement, you can choose the add-ons that you would like to add to the softswitch system. Following are the add-ons available with HyperBilling Softswitch and a brief description of how they can benefit your business:

Prepaid Call Shop:

If you are a VoIP reseller dealing in prepaid/postpaid services, then the Call Shop add-on will provide you the interface for monitoring your calling booths. It has a user-friendly interface and enables you to perform activities such as verifying rates, collecting payment, initiating a call session, terminating call session and generating invoices.

Calling Cards:

If you are looking to manage a prepaid calling card services, be it in physical form or electronic, the Calling Cards add-on to HyperBilling softswitch will enable you to do just that.

Call Recordings:

If you wish to keep a watch on calls being made on your VoIP network, the Recordings add-on to Hyperbilling softswitch will enable you to record selected users’ calls.


With the Callback add-on to HyperBilling softswitch, you can implement different kinds of callback services. Using this feature, you can have a user called back by another user automatically after a defined time period.

Payment Gateway:

In order to allow the use of multiple gateways options for your clients, Payment Gateway add-on is useful. Our payment gateway currently includes 2Checkout and PayPal. More options will be added soon in the near future.

PBX Functions:

If you want to use the softswitch as a Private Branch Exchange (PBX), this add-on allows you to offer functions such as Direct Inward Dial, Voicemail, auto call distribution, phonebook, on-hold music, call transfer and queues etc.

Reseller Option:

For wholesale VoIP carriers who would like to offer their services to resellers, this add-on incorporates basic reseller support into Hyper billing softswitch.